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Jahazi, your next home cooked meal

Established in 2016 and inspired by the love of food and good atmosphere made for families, groups, meetings and travelers.

Jahazi Café has proudly serving been Zanzibar for 5 years. We are located inside Zanzibar International Airport. It makes it easy for travelers to have some good food or snacks as they wait for their flights or when they arrive.

Experience our unique menu, attentive service and friendly atmosphere.

Visit us and to see what makes us one of the most popular restaurant destination in Zanzibar.

Managing Director


His passion of cooking made him have his own Restaurant. He loved cooking since he was 7 years old. He later traveled  abroad and worked in several large restaurants.

His experience abroad highly motivated him to start his own restaurant back home in Zanzibar, embracing the Zanzibari culture, from the structure/furniture to the dishes. He showed his knowledge of his culture in every aspect of the restaurant.

He named the restaurant ‘Jahazi’ due to the use of dhows (majahazi) by most fishers in Zanzibar. The structure of the restaurant is based on the Swahili culture where the furniture’s are made from palm tree wood (mnazi).

Jahazi restaurant is specialized in cooking Swahili dishes and a variety of international cuisine.


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